Alternative Dispute Resolution

Finding Solutions Outside of the Courtroom

ADR Services in Richmond VA

There are many ways to solve a problem. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) includes different methods to find solutions outside of the courtroom. Donita King has years of experience assisting clients in ways that fit their needs. As a civil and family practice lawyer, Donita is also a seasoned mediator and helps clients come to a solution without the need for courtrooms.

Donita King offers ADR services in Richmond, VA, for a wide range of clients. These ADR services include facilitation, mediation, collaborative law, and arbitration services. Learn more about each of these services below.


Two or more groups can be part of a facilitation process that is primarily used when some friction could lead to a larger problem. As a facilitator, Donita King works as the neutral 3rd party that helps each group recognize their own role in the process. Facilitation brings together groups of people to discuss an issue.


As an experienced mediator, Donita King is well known for her ability to help clients reach a solution. Mediation includes two or more parties who are willing to work towards a solution together. Donita King is an experienced and certified neutral mediator that facilitates discussion and gives everyone a chance to speak. Many divorcing couples, family members, and civil claims can be solved with mediation services.

Collaborative Law

The more the merrier when it comes to using the collaborative law process with the help of Donita King. The collaborative law process involves a team of professionals who work with two or more parties to find a solution. Professionals like child specialists, financial experts, and coaches work with Donita King to find a long term agreement that works for both parties. Many divorcing couples choose this option to create a mutual agreement that doesn’t involve battling it out in court.


When two or more parties can’t agree on a solution, arbitration is a viable option to keep the case out of court. Donita King has years of experience as an arbitrator and believes that neutrality is vital in helping find solutions for clients. In arbitration, the disagreeing parties present their case to Donita, who then decides the case’s outcome instead of a courtroom judge. Arbitration outcomes can be both binding or non-binding.

Why Choose ADR Services?

While a courtroom in Richmond, VA may be the final location of your dispute, there are ways to avoid the court with these Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) Services. Consider using one of these methods to help find a resolution without the expense, time, and stress of court litigation.

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