Why More People Are Choosing Remote Mediation In VA

Mediation is an integral part of finding a solution that works for disagreeing parties. In the past, trying to schedule an in-person mediation was often hard to do with coordinating schedules, travel time, and finding that ever-elusive parking spot. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many mediators could only use remote mediation in VA to reach their clients. Virtual meetings have become the norm for many of us working from home or those who have kids still attending school online. 2020 brought forth many changes, including a large uptick in online mediations.  If you’ve never tried online mediation, consider the following ways that remote mediation may benefit you this year.

Easier to Attend

Remote mediation requires that everyone has an internet connection with video capability. With the use of modern technology, many of us have smartphones to chat with others, as well as tablets and desktops with built-in cameras. This makes attending a virtual mediation appointment quite easy as we all have technology at our fingertips. Not only can you make sure that your mediation happens in a comfortable and convenient environment, but it also greatly reduces travel time. Remote mediation in VA is easier to attend than face-to-face meetings.

Easier to Schedule

Many mediators have an online scheduling option for clients that helps coordinate everyone’s schedule. Apps are often used to quickly provide scheduling and canceling options with just a few clicks. No more calling the secretary and playing phone tag when it comes to scheduling your remote mediation in VA. 

Easier to Plan

In our current pandemic-era world, we all have experienced plenty of cancellations due to the coronavirus. Remote mediations are easier to plan for because they are so convenient. Even if you aren’t feeling well or need to stay home with a sick child, you can still plan on meeting up for the mediation virtually. Scheduling an online meeting greatly increases your ability to prepare for and show up for your appointment.

Easier for Safety

Many of us now reconsider in-person meetings in close indoor spaces. While many divorce mediators have their own rules and standards in place to keep everyone as safe as possible, meeting in-person does hold an extra element of risk. 

Virtual mediations not only keep everyone safe from sharing germs with others, but they also provide a convenient option for those who have a physical disability as well. There is no need to worry about masks, social distancing, temperature checks, or frequent cleaning when everyone is in their own space already.

A young man meets with a group of people for an online mediation session

Easier for Some Groups

Sometimes mediations require larger groups of people to attend for the best outcome. Meeting virtually in a larger group can be much easier when coordinating schedules and making time for the mediation. Different video conferencing software provides options for larger groups like raising a hand or chatting via text during the conversation. Virtual mediations can ensure that everyone attending is on the same page and can easily discuss the issue at hand.

Easier Than Traveling

Some mediation sessions include someone who is physically located farther away from the mediator’s office. Online mediations make it easier for those who would once travel, either by car or plane, to the mediation session. The ability to pop into a session from anywhere around the world is more convenient and helps the mediation process move forward to find a solution.

Easier Overall Experience

Some clients find that meeting in-person for a mediation session is quite stressful. Not only are there mental stresses, but there can also be physical ones as well. Virtual mediations are a great fit for those clients who have anxiety or stress regarding the meeting. Allowing people to log into an online mediation makes them more comfortable, resulting in better communication and a smoother mediation process. 

Remote Mediations Make Life Easier

It is no wonder why more people are choosing remote mediation to solve disputes and move on with life. Virtual mediation options allow for more flexibility and freedom for clients. They also keep everyone in their own space, which can mean a lot when it comes to everyone’s health and safety within the office. 

Consider scheduling your own virtual mediation with Donita King to help you find a solution to a problem. She offers many different types of mediation, including both family law and civil law options. Call today for more information!

Donita King

Ms. King is a member of the Virginia, Pennsylvania, and D.C. State Bars. She also serves as a University of Richmond School of Law Adjunct Professor of Mediation. She previously served on the Virginia Bar Association Joint ADR Council (2015 Chair), and served for several years on the Governor of Virginia’s Interagency Dispute Resolution Council. Ms. King currently serves as a board member of the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board by appointment of the Virginia Supreme Court and has been active with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Women in Business as well. Se habla espanol.

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