In increasing numbers, individuals, employers, large and small businesses, and other organizations utilize arbitration as an alternative to traditional court litigation to resolve their disputes. Unlike other ADR methods, Arbitration is best used when parties are looking to avoid a court room battle, but still wish a neutral third party to make a decision. Parties may present their evidence and testimony and the Arbitrator will decide the outcome of the case based on the facts presented and the governing law. While an arbitrator does make a judgement, the decision of an arbitrator may be binding or non-binding depending on what the parties agree to in the beginning of the arbitration process.

Ms. King brings a wealth of experience in Arbitration and currently serves on the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (“FINRA”) Panel of Neutral Arbitrators (Mid-Atlantic Region), possessing Chair status. Arbitration may become as simple or as intricate as necessary to address the issues at hand, and may be conducted without or without attorneys, at the parties’ discretion. Donita King has handled many cases, at various levels of complexity and involving two or several parties.

Ms. King’s representative cases can be found among the following:

  • Contract disputes
  • Employment and discrimination
  • Financial
  • Family

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