Collaborative Law Divorce Process


When dissolving your marriage, working alongside your spouse with a team of professionals helps make the entire process easier than battling it out in court. The Collaborative Law Divorce process is a kinder way to divide assets and address child custody issues. As an Alternative Dispute Resolution, this process offers another pathway to dissolve a marriage respectfully.

Work With a Team of Professionals

The Collaborative Law Divorce process allows you and your spouse to come together along with a team of professionals. This team consists of independent experts in their field that can help both sides reach an agreement amicably. You’ll work with attorneys, coaches, and financial experts who can recommend what would be best for the family. Parenting experts are also available to help ease the transition of how divorce affects children.

Stay Outside of the Courtroom

Instead of having to attend court to fight against your spouse, the Collaborative Law Divorce process allows you to stay outside of the courtroom. You won’t have to experience the stress of going to court and can reach an agreement in a comfortable and open setting.

Get Your Voice Heard

One of the benefits of this style of Alternative Dispute Resolution is that you have multiple professionals listening to your side of the story. Instead of only working with one attorney, your team of professionals can include coaches, mediators, financial, and parenting experts. The team works together to hear the concerns of each spouse and can help filter or reframe issues that are hard to understand. Many of the experts involved in Collaborative Divorce help bring clarity to the situation that may not always be possible when working with a single litigation lawyer.

Make Divorce a Little Easier

Every divorce involves pain. Dissolving a marriage and ending a chapter of your life always includes some emotion and stress. However, choosing Collaborative Law Divorce makes the process a little easier as you can work alongside your spouse, instead of battling against them, for the best of the family. Couples who choose this process not only utilize their attorneys, but they also use the help of other professionals that can help start the healing process. These neutral parties can see the big picture and can help each spouse walk away satisfied.

Invest in a Kinder Process

When divorcing through litigation, it is normal for both spouses to hire an attorney. While the fees for attorneys may be small at first, the costs grow as the case progresses. The litigation process requires an attorney at all times, which can quickly add up in terms of fees.

When divorcing using a Collaborative Process, couples often invest more in the beginning due to the team of professionals working with them. These fees are shared by both parties involved and help create better long term solutions that work for the entire family. As the case moves forward, the overall costs are usually lower as you spend time with less expensive (than lawyers) professionals like parenting professionals and coaches. The financial benefit of using a team in the Collaborative Law Divorce process is an investment in keeping the divorce process less stressful and the future health of the family as it goes through transition.

Collaborative Law Divorce Process FAQ

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