Elder Mediation Services In Richmond, Virginia

Lawyer Assisting Elder Woman with Mediation Services

The “golden years” aren’t always as peaceful as we expect. In many cases, it can be a time when issues that have been bubbling under the surface for years finally emerge — or when fresh issues seemingly pop up out of nowhere. However, elder mediation services can make a real difference in family relations for those in the Richmond, Virginia area.

How Does Mediation Work?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method: It aims to resolve conflicts and reach agreements without involving more formal legal processes. To make this happen, the mediator (a neutral third party) helps elders and other family members have difficult conversations in a safe environment.

It’s important to note that mediation is very different from therapy. Unlike therapists, mediators focus on facilitating discussions rather than offering advice, and their focus is on reaching a tangible agreement.

Is Elder Mediation Right for Me?

Elder mediation is suitable for a wide range of cases, from confusion about who should make decisions as the head of the family ages to serious disagreements about inheritance. If your problems lie on the less severe side of the spectrum, you might think you don’t need to turn to elder mediation yet  — but this is often the best time to take action and avoid a more significant family dispute.

Common elder mediation cases include:

  • Caregiving
  • Healthcare and medical options
  • Court guardianships
  • Financial decisions
  • Residency choices
  • Roles and responsibilities of different relatives
  • Estate and trust matters
  • End-of-life choices
  • Communication concerns

However, the types of issues that arise as family members age are complex and varied, so elder mediation may also be suitable for cases that don’t fit into the list above.

Why Choose Elder Mediation?

For families caught between sorting issues out themselves and going up against each other in court, elder mediation services offer a middle ground that often leads to a better outcome.

Here are some of the reasons that clients often find elder mediation is the best route for them:

  • Peaceful. Conflict is always stressful, but disputes with family members will always be particularly difficult. The collaborative approach of mediation can make everything easier.
  • Speed. Often, a single session can be enough to deliver a breakthrough, and even multiple sessions can be carried out in a matter of days or weeks.
  • Flexibility. Fit your mediation sessions around your complex family schedules and locations.
  • Relationship-building. Most families could benefit from outlining their concerns around a trained negotiator, and many find that mediation strengthens their relationships and communication.
  • Confidential. What happens in mediation sessions stays there, so all relatives can outline their concerns in a safe environment.

Elder Mediation Services from Donita King

Donita King is a highly-trained legal professional with decades of experience as a lawyer-mediator. Her strong track record in the area speaks for itself, and her work has helped to pioneer ADR techniques.

Although the Donita King law offices are based in Richmond, Virginia, she also offers virtual elder mediation sessions. These are ideal for families that find themselves split between different geographic areas.

To find out more about how the sessions work or how you can schedule an appointment, get in touch with Donita King today.