Family Litigation

Family Litigation

While settling disputes through ADR is often the best choice to preserve the relationship and avoid a costly emotional and financial drain that often is required through a litigation battle, sometimes litigation is necessary.

Since leaving the corporate legal world in 2002, in the family law area, Ms. King has focused her practice on both domestic and international family cases. She is no stranger to what it takes to represent the underdog in any heated legal battle, and for each case she takes on, Ms. King serves as a strong advocate for her clients, ensuring that each client receives vigorous representation inside and outside of the court room.

Family Litigation

Every family law case is different. Whether your case seems simple or incredibly complex, Ms. King will work with you to develop and implement a viable strategy to resolve it properly, either through mediation, collaborative law, or litigation.

Common Family Law Matters Include:

  • Divorce (contested or non-contested)
  • Child Custody/Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Alimony/Spousal Support
  • Premarital/Prenuptial Agreements
  • Separation Agreements
  • Relocation Matters
  • Equitable Distribution/ Property Division
  • Modification and enforcement of court orders

International Family Law

As more and more families become a mix of nationalities, cultures, customs, and religions, the complexity of separation and/or divorce becomes that even more complex with the addition of rules governing international family matters amid a mixture of national law, international conventions (including the Hague Convention), and foreign statutes. It is vital that when dealing with international family matters, whether a simple divorce, amendment to a custody agreement, or an international abduction issue, that parties have an attorney who has real experience and training in such matters. Ms. King practices family law (domestic and cross-border), and has taken advance trainings, including U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Institute of Peace training) in connection with Cross Border and International Parental Abduction Prevention Mediation, as well as the handling of Hague Convention cases.

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