Mediate or Collaborate
Then if necessary, Litigate

We believe that traditional litigation is not the only way to resolve disputes.

Alternative dispute resolution allows us to work with clients to help resolve problems without the need to go to court. Donita King has the experience and knowledge to help clients reach an agreement.

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Donita King Law Offices have used alternative dispute
resolution practices in the following areas:

  • Divorce
  • Employment
  • Family Issues
  • Fee Disputes
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes
  • Securities & Contracts

Donita King Law Offices works with each new client to review their case and determine the best method moving forward. We focus on what kinds of alternative dispute resolution is appropriate before resorting to litigation.

Your case could be resolved using the
following alternative dispute resolution methods:

Mediation Law Process - Alternative Dispute Resolution


Reach a mutual agreement through the use of a mediator. Two opposing parties sit down together with a trained mediator to help facilitate discussion. A mediator doesn’t give solutions or answers but helps the two sides communicate and hear each other to come to a mutual agreement.

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Collaborative Law Process - Alternative Dispute Resolution


Make use of a team of professionals when choosing collaboration as your alternative dispute resolution. This option involves two opposing parties, lawyers, and other trained professionals like parenting and financial experts, to help reach an agreement. The collaboration process focuses on a team of people working together to reach a common goal.

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Arbitration - Alternative Dispute Resolution


 As a preventative alternative dispute resolution, facilitation helps to ward off a dispute in the beginning stages of a disagreement. This option is often used between two or more parties who need help identifying everyone’s interests. Not all facilitations end in a mutual agreement, but rather help everyone understand each other.

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If Alternative Dispute Resolutions Don’t Work:

Family Cases

We believe in trying to resolve cases using any of the above forms of ADR. However, if your family law case is still unresolved, Donita King Law Offices does offer litigation services for family cases only.

All Other Cases

Donita King provides mediation services to assist parties if various areas to achieve mutual agreement.  If Mediation doesn’t work, or the parties prefer, Donita King is also an experienced arbitrator and is available to provide services in that capacity.

We have a proven track record of advocating client disputes to help resolve your case.

We’re a Smaller Firm
With a Personal Approach:

Ms. King and her staff are committed to ensuring that each client receives the best fit of legal help to fit their needs. You’ll receive personal service and caring professionals at Donita King Law Offices that the larger firms often lack.

Dive Deeper into the Collaborative Practice

Dive Deeper into the Collaborative Practice

Donita King is back at the Virginia This Morning studio to dive deeper into the Collaborative Process and discusses where and how to begin using Collaborative Divorce to settle your divorce dispute.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Donita King joins the Virginia This Morning studio to share why the Collaborative Divorce method is becoming the preferred route for couples seeking a divorce. 

Donita King on Virginia This Morning

Donita King on Virginia This Morning

Donita King visits the studio to talk about the benefits of using mediation.

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