Small Business Mediation Services In Richmond, Virginia

Small Business Owners Meet For Mediation In Richmond Virginia

Even the smallest, most careful firms can get caught up in legal disputes from time to time — whether it’s chasing a missed payment or working through a contract dispute. Reaching a resolution can feel impossible when you’re the little guy with a limited budget, but small business mediation offers a way for Richmond Virginia area businesses to find a practical solution with minimal hassle.

Litigation Should Be a Last Resort

Settling disputes in court trials is costly, time-consuming, and doesn’t always lead to a satisfactory outcome — especially for SMEs, which may struggle to absorb the lost resources as a larger company can.

Fortunately, it’s not the only way to resolve your case.

What is Small Business Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), a broader term encompassing various ways to overcome conflicts without formal court trials. When businesses sign up for mediation, the two firms in dispute outline their issues and goals while a neutral third party (the mediator) oversees the negotiation.

The outcome of the process is a mutually beneficial settlement outlining what both parties need to do to work toward a resolution. For instance, in the case of a payment dispute, the party that has missed its payments may agree to sign up to a payment plan.

Benefits of Small Business Mediation

Many companies turn to small business mediation for the cost savings, but it’s not just a budget option for those who can’t afford to go to court — in many cases, going down this route results in a better outcome. In fact, some contracts require businesses to go down the mediation route because they recognize its usefulness.

Here’s why:

  • Quick. No more preparing for and going through lengthy court cases — a resolution could be reached in a single day.
  • Confidential. Feel free to be as collaborative and honest as you want without worrying it could work against you in a future court case.
  • Collaborative. Instead of focusing on who is “right” or “wrong” and leaving one party dissatisfied, mediation aims to keep everyone happy and even repair damaged relationships.
  • Flexible. Since mediation is less formal than court trials, its settlements can be less conventional but more aligned with business goals. Scheduling for mediation sessions is also more flexible.

Why Work with Donita King?

Donita King is a qualified lawyer-mediator with decades of experience pioneering ADR techniques to help small businesses reach the resolutions they need. As a smaller firm, Ms. King and her staff pride themselves on providing tailored service and personal touch, which is an excellent fit for SMEs.

In the rare case that mediation fails to reach the desired outcome, they can also advance the case to other areas, such as arbitration or litigation.

The Donita King Law Offices are located in Richmond, Virginia, but also offer virtual small business mediation services — perfect for companies located elsewhere or those caught in disputes with firms from a different region.

Get Back to Business as Usual

If you think small business mediation could be the right solution for your legal problems, taking action could be as simple as making a phone call or sending an email. Contact the Donita King Law Offices about our services and processes.