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A young woman wearing headphones talks to others during a remote mediation

Why More People Are Choosing Remote Mediation In VA

Mediation is an integral part of finding a solution that works for disagreeing parties. In the past, trying to schedule an in-person mediation was often hard to do with coordinating schedules, travel time, and finding that ever-elusive parking spot.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, many mediators could only use remote mediation in VA to reach their…
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The Collaborative Process and Clerical Concerns

Divorce, Clergy, and the Collaborative Process

As collaborative professionals, we recognize that members of the clergy are a significant segment of society often called upon by, and indirectly involved with divorcing parties and their families. In an effort to inform and educate clergy, the authors assembled an article to inform both the clergy and their members about the collaborative divorce process.…
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How Child-Centered Divorce Mediation Can Help Your Family

How Child-Centered Divorce Mediation Can Help Your Family

  Divorce is hard, no matter the circumstances. While your divorce could be relatively amicable, it still requires an adjustment and uprooting from the life that you once had together in marriage. Divorce often gets messier when children are involved as your family struggles to find a new normal between households and custody battles. January…
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A group of young adults from different cultures in a discussion in richmond va

What is Cultural Sensitivity in Mediation?

  While we are all humans, we all don’t come from the same cultural background. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we all have different opinions and upbringings that affect how we view the world. Being culturally sensitive is a vital part of cultivating a life that includes and involves everyone. There…
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A group of culturally diverse women have a business meeting

10 Ways to Improve Your Cultural Sensitivity Through Training

  As professionals working with different people groups, it is essential to understand that everyone who comes to the table has a different story and background. They are uniquely different and yet often the same in some ways. Working with people, especially those who have a conflict, always involves friction that can intensify if someone…
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Equitable Distribution Divorce Mediation

Dividing Property During Divorce: 5 Tips for an efficient Equitable Distribution Mediation

  Finding common ground can be problematic during a divorce, but working with a qualified divorce mediator can help smooth out the Equitable Distribution process. One of the main concerns that a divorcing couple has during mediation is Equitable Distribution (ED), or the division of property obtained during the marriage. Learn more about how to…
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Divorce Mediator Questions

Top Questions to Ask a Qualified Divorce Mediator in Richmond, VA

In Richmond, VA, choosing the right kind of divorce mediator is essential when you hope to separate amicably from your spouse. There are plenty of mediators and lawyers who work with divorcing couples. However, not all of these professionals are the same. While some will state that they have the experience, it is important to…
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A divorcing couple meets with a mediator

How to Resolve Your Divorce Quickly Through Mediation in Richmond, VA

  Very few clients want to battle out their divorce over a span of months or years. When a couple decides to divorce, it usually is something that has been on the horizon for a long time already. Before the recent COVID-19 pandemic, battling a divorce out in court took a lot of time and…
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A mediator who practices family law meets with a husband and wife

Top Advantages of Hiring a Mediator Who Practices Family Law in Richmond, VA

  What are the top advantages of hiring a mediator who practices family law in Richmond, VA? Mediation continues to grow as a popular choice for those who want to keep their case out of the courts, many attorneys have seen the benefits of mediation both in their practice and for their clients. Oftentimes, and…
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